November 16, 2015 admin

Statement after the terror attacks in Paris

We respond to the appalling terror attacks in Paris with deep sorrow for the families of all those murdered, and with prayers for the wounded and traumatised.

Our thoughts are especially with Professor David Ruzie, a member of one of our Paris communities, who lost his grand-daughter Justine in the Bataclan theatre, and with all his family. May the All-Present God bring them strength and comfort.

Our spiritual response to terror is a profound affirmation of the value and sanctity of life as affirmed throughout Judaism, in every true expression of faith, and it the hearts of all who genuinely trust in God.

Living in frightening and dangerous times, we seek our strength in solidarity with all people of good will, in prayer, in the study of Torah, and in working for compassion, justice and peace.

Every gathering and event we hold will be an affirmation of these values.

In these dangerous times it matters more than ever to live by our values.

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