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As the doors begin to open: Entering a more inclusive, neurodiverse post-pandemic world (The OECD Forum Network 30/04/21)

Duke of Edinburgh’s conservation plea was a mission from God (The Times 17/04/21)

Atonement never felt so poignant (The Times 26/09/2020)

Eleanor O’Hanlon in conversation with Rabbi Wittenberg – A conversation on learning forgiveness from the gray whales (1/09/20)

Masorti leader Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg gives first Thought for the Day (Jewish News 30/10/19)

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg urged Radio 4 listeners to adopt greener lifestyles (Jewish Chronicle 29/10/19)

Muslim group holds first Succot event (Jewish News 18/10/19)

Rosh Hashanah: New Year wishes from the community! (Jewish News 24/09/19)

Celebrate Green Shabbat this weekend – and save the planet (Jewish Chronicle 5/07/19)

Vegan residents in UK care homes have almost TREBLED during past 5 years, according to new research (Vegetarian for Life website 15/05/19)

Act on Emissions (The Telegraph 3/05/19)

Jerusalem marathon: UK rabbi crosses line with guide dog as 40,000 take part (Jewish News 15/03/19)

Not just somewhere else’s concern (The Jewish Week 03/07/18)

Passover celebrates freedom for the people to serve (The Times 7/04/18)

Why dog owners are kinder, compassionate, more mindful and wiser humans (The Mirror 7/03/18)

Eco shul must be start of urgent, radical shift (The Jewish News 15/02/18)

Eco synagogues on recruiting drive for green project (The Jewish Chronicle 22/12/17)

Review: Things my dog has taught me (The Jewish News 30/11/17)

Animal Sentience – Do animals suffer (The Huffington Post 29/11/17)

How a pet changed a Rabbi’s life (The Guardian 11/11/17)

What the Rabbi learned from his dogs (The Jewish Chronicle – 9/10/17)

God does not inscribe our fate in a vast celestial tome (The Times – 9/9/17)

Balancing Tradition and Modernity, UK Masorti Judaism Allows Same-Sex Ceremonies (Jewish Philanthropy – 24/11/14)

Mitzvah Day is for everyone so get busy giving (The Times – 15/11/14)

We will let our congregations decide on gay union ceremonies (Jewish News – 13/11/14)



BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day 20.12.19

BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day 5.11.19

BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day 29.10.19

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