September 22, 2015 admin


May this be a worthwhile and reflective Yom Kippur and may the coming year bring blessing for us all, for our families, for the family of the Jewish People, and for all peoples and all life.
Here is a short personal wish-list for Yom Kippur and the coming year.
May this day help me to become the best person I am capable of being.
May I have an open conscience and heart to recognise where I have done wrong.
May I have the integrity and humility to apologise.
May I find the understanding and inner freedom to let go of old grudges, angers and hurts, and to be forgiving.
May my love for my family, friends and community deepen and grow.
May I be inspired and challenged to care more thoughtfully for other people.
May I be encouraged and reminded to be as aware of others and as generous as I can.
May I live justly so that I don’t oppress others or wantonly harm any life.
May I have the insight, wisdom and courage to honour and do what is right.
May I have a wakeful and grateful spirit to appreciate the privilege and wonder of existence.
May the beauty and tenderness in life inspire me with a deeper respect towards all living beings.
May I be given the strength to respond to whatever happens with acceptance, courage and grace.
May the wisdom and discipline of Judaism guide and purify me.
May this be a year of peace for the Jewish People, for all peoples, and between humanity and all life.

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