December 17, 2014 admin

The attack on a school in Peshawar

I want to express my horror and sorrow at the merciless attack on the school in Peshawar in which over 130 children and many staff were murdered.

All such violent attacks, wherever they take place in the world, are cruel, vicious and utterly indefensible.

There is something particularly vile and appalling about the killing of school children. As the recent Nobel Peace Prise winner Malala Yousafzai said: ‘Innocent children in school have no place in horror such as this’.

It is blasphemous to devise, carry out or applaud such attacks in the name of religion. All religious leaders have a special duty to teach that every human life is sacred and to do their utmost to prevent the misuse of their faith for violent ends. As David Cameron said, ‘There is not a belief system in the world that can justify this attack’.

Our thoughts are with the grief-stricken families in Peshawar, in Sydney, and with those in mourning over deaths caused by acts of terror anywhere in the world.

I would like to express my appreciation for those who, with vigilance and courage, protect our countries and communities from such attacks and seek to make our schools, homes, cities and countries safe for the pursuit of peaceful life.

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